My Honest Review Of Jason Caluori & Barry Plaskow's New Course On Using GroovePages To Make Money


The hassle of the rat race to earn from nine-to-five everyday can feel daunting to many people. If you are someone who feels the same way, you should be relieved to know that there is a place for you in this world.

Without being any more dramatic, let’s dig into an alternative that can help you earn from the comfort of your home!


Passive income is like a dream for many. After all, who would refuse to make money while sleeping?

You don’t need to read it again to believe that you read it right the first time. This is exactly how marketing gurus and trainers define affiliate marketing. It is an online sales tactic that allows you to refer a product or service by sharing it on your blog, YouTube channel, social media account or website.

Consequently, you get to earn commission every time someone makes a purchase through the unique link that you provide. It is a revenue sharing concept where you don’t have to have a product to sell.

You can promote someone else’s product and earn an income as an affiliate marketer.


The question is how to get started. Read on to find out how you can learn to become an affiliate marketer and the ultimate way to become successful at it.

What Is SAS Affiliate?

SAS Affiliate Program is a 7 module affiliate training course by Barry Plaskow and Jason Caluori.

The two are widely regarded as experts in online marketing. The program itself is highly effective for beginners and experts alike. It uses a step-by-step approach to teach everyone how to get started with affiliate marketing, e-commerce and online selling, using organic search and SEO tactics.

Jason and Barry are also accompanied by highly successful online sellers to share their experience and insights on the platform. All of this training, and much more, helps the learners to put together their affiliate marketing business and rank higher on Google for a long time. 



Back in 2010, Barry Plaskow was going through a rough patch and a little digging into the online marketing world made him realize just how few resources there are for beginners to learn. So, he went on to borrow help from the best of the field to train people in affiliate marketing.


The SAS Affiliate course teaches people the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process. This helps you earn without having to spend on online advertisements. The course does not require you to have any skill level to get started. First time affiliate marketers, like myself, can learn just as well as experienced affiliate marketers.

Pros of SAS Affiliate Program

The SAS Affiliate course offers everything that you need to get started and be successful in affiliate marketing. Beginners to experts, and everyone in between, can start making money by putting the SAS affiliate training into action. Here are some of the best features that the program offers

Training From Industry Leaders in Online Marketing

The SAS Affiliate program has some of the most highly respected experts in internet marketing. This means that the course is a practical approach rather than just theory of affiliate marketing.

You will find an 8-figure earner guiding you through step-by-step training to set up your affiliate campaigns.

They will also teach you the use of tools and strategies to rank your site in record time.

Product Selection and the Use of Keywords

Another great thing about the program is that you will learn the right way of product selection. Jason Caluori will teach you the things you need to consider when selecting the right product as an affiliate.

Not only that, Jason will also show you how to research the market and pick the best keywords. The next step will be to use these keywords in professional articles. This step ensures that you drive traffic to your page through search engine optimization.

Quick Website Set up

The SAS Affiliate program shows you how to build your website. Once you have your page running in 48 hours, the course also teaches you the easiest and quickest ways to build links. This helps power up your page right from the beginning.

Moreover, this is not the end of SAS Affiliate training. You also get access to high converting products and various website templates to make your page attract more traffic.

High converting products, SEO strategies and an appealing website - all contribute to get high ranking for your sites quickly.

One of the greatest concerns for beginners is if they can get success in affiliate marketing from the outset.

The good news is that the SAS Affiliate enables your sites to rank on the first page of Google as soon as after the first day of the live session.  


Cons of SAS Affiliate Program

It is pretty hard to point out any flaws of a program that is designed with the motive “No One Left Behind”. The course covers all the steps in a systematic way to train people to become successful affiliates.

The only problem that anyone might face while going through the course is that the live training sessions are scheduled. If you can’t get to the live sessions, you lose a wonderful chance to put forth your queries in live sessions.

In such a case, you will have to wait for the replays to be posted to catch up with your fellow affiliates. Apart from this insignificant inconvenience, there is nothing that I found wrong with the program.



With several hours of basic training, live sessions and community groups, the SAS Affiliate program is just the right place to get started with your dream of passive income.

Not only can you learn what it takes to become an affiliate marketer, but it also helps you set up your site and gain ranking in no time.

The fact that you get professionals and experts of affiliate marketing for training shows that the course is by no means a scam.


Key Features of SAS Affiliate

✅ Step-by-step training videos to set up your affiliate offer and get it running in 48 hours.

✅ Monster Day Mastermind live training for one whole day.

✅ Jason’s website templates that lead to high conversions.

✅ Easy and early access to RS Affiliate Programs that offer 40% commissions to marketers.

✅ It also helps your site gain rank quickly and it drives huge traffic to your website for free.

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Join SAS Affiliate

Legally steal affiliate commission from buyers on the verges of purchasing

Rank site quickly and drive huge traffic for free

Increase sales for affilate offers/ecommerce products or for local clients 


Here Are The Most Commonly Asked Questions About SAS Affiliate...

Do I have to watch the webinar to join the program?

 - No you can join the program straightaway if you are confident enough. The live training will provide you everything you need to start your eCom business.

How much is the program cost? Do you have payment plan available please? 

 - You can either pay an one-off fee of $397 to join in the program, with no further payment to pay. Or choose to pay on 3 installments. of $167. You can also send an email to them to request a longer payment option. 

Do I need to sign up Groove for this program?

 - Yes you need to sign up a free Groove account, in order to follow the SAS training. But don't worry, signing up Groove is completed free, without credit card details. You will get access to free Groove Page to follow Jason's training. 

Is the live training session recorded? 

 - Yes if you can not watch the training session live, you can watch replay after 24 hours of the live training session. provides links to an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees and affiliate commissions.